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It’s a story set in the early 90’s in a remote village somewhere in Punjab, revolving around a police officer, Kuldeep Singh, popularly referred to as “SAAB BAHADAR” by everyone in the village because of his sensibility, reputation and respect. Kuldeep has a flair for reading mystery novels which inspire and perform his duties vigilantly.

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Another interesting aspect in Saab Bahadar’s life is that their Police Station is on rent in a house owned by a beautiful young girl, who is an aspiring dancer. Saab Bahadar witnesses an interesting comic tiff with the land lady, who doesn’t want the police station in her house.

The story finally takes a turn when a series of crimes start taking place in a rather peaceful village.”SAAB BAHADAR” is all about unraveling the mystery behind repeated crimes.

Ammy Virk
Jaswinder Bhalla
Rana Ranbir
Preet Kamal
Sheema Kaushal
Hobby Dhaliwal

Director : Amrit Raj Chadha

User Reviews

Nice movie.. Full of suspense

At every point, it seems case is solved but again a teist comes and inter-relating of different stories done very nicely. Good Luck to the team!!.


its a gud movie to see with family… full paisa vasool… but timing too short… thodi lambi honi chahidi c… gud work ammy bai ji.. keep it up

nice movie

nice movie with suspense going on , actress kawal a little role, no love story, overall a nice short movie.could extend a movie little bit to show chemistry between ammy and kanwal

Very Nice

Again Very good must watch punjabi Movie. Good story under good direction. First punjabi thriller movie in punjabi cinema. Amy work with Rana Ranbir and Jaswinder Bhalla did good work.A Different punjabi movie can be enjoyed with family.

First Time In Punjabi Cinemaaa

Ammy Virkk Superbb Actingg Interestingg And Bombb Comedyy. Thrillerr Rana Ranbir Jaswinder Bhalla Full Caste Superbb Moviee …Really Enjoyedd

out of mind

No setting No calculation No matching of Characters in the story Heroine Was Just Only A Formaility Suspense Was out of the story A Complete Wastage Of money & time watch this movie


Saab bahadar has done very good roll in this picture and the story line is full of suspense it was a good time pass keep it up. I hope for the best from Ammy virk.

Movie review

Could have been more better..Acting of all lead stars are good.Movie revolves around solving murder mystery case.Ammy virk did a good jon.As usual,jaswinder bhalla punch marks are always entertaining.

A must watch Punjabi thriller

This movie has real suspense interwoven in a Punjabi setup. Wonderful storyline. Overall a great movie with a fabulous‚Äč screenplay, music and acting. Looking forward to view more of such movies.

nice story

very nice movie it different from other punjabi movies there is comedy as well as suspense is shown in very good manner must watch movie u should also watch this movie

Awsmmmm Movie

First Time in punjabi cinema too watch such a great and well executed and directed Suspense movie … Great acting by Ammy Virk keep it up bro