comedian and actor mehar mittal

Mehar Mittal was born in a year 1935 at a village in bathinda, is an Punjabi actor and producer. He is known for playing comic roles in Punjabi films.

SOMEONE remarks in Chandigarh Newsline, “nobody in the Punjabi cinema, not even then number of international clones, can match up to this man’s amli way of life, absolutely crazy antics and amazing sense of timing, which is the first and the last rule of comedy”.

Mehar Mittal hails from a small village in Bhatinda, Punjab. He studied law in Chandigarh and then practiced as a tax advocate for 8 years in Chandigarh itself. At the age of 35 he took to films. He became a popular Punjabi actor mostly because of his comedic roles and went on to star in numerous number of films. He is the 1ST Punjabi Comedian who started comedy in Punjabi Movies. His popularity could be gauged from the fact that during the 1980s, with small exceptions, no major Punjabi film was made without him in a prime role, whether in a comedic role or as the main protagonist itself. Though his acting career was mostly in Punjabi cinema, later on he shifted to Mumbai.He worked in over 100 Punjabi films in a career spanning three decades.


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