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‘Love Yoou Sohniye’ is a Punjabi romcom film directed by Sahil Kohli. It is presented by Kewal Sidhu and Mahendra Bohra. This is Karanvir’s and Teejay’s debut as a producer. The film stars Karanvir Bohra and Teejay Sidhu in leads. Other cast includes Vindu Dara Singh, Upasana Singh, Hiten Paintal and Raghu Ram in supporting roles.
Loveleen (Sidhu) is adorable child in Sidhu family. Her parents love her to the core. During the first day of college she meets a boy named Karanvir Singh Gill (Bohra) whom she overtakes her car on Karanvir’s bike. Filled with vengeance, he decides to teach her a lesson. When Loveleen arrives at her classroom Karanvir poses as professor and humilitates her. This too makes Loveleen angry. Karanvir invites his friends n Loveleen’s best friend Dolly to a pub which first she declines but agrees to come. During dance Karanvir accidentally touches Loveleen which makes her really angry and tries to slap him but Karanvir catches her hand while about she was to slap. Next day she complaints her one of a friend to beat up Karanvir but he empowers him after a fight. Then she takes Karanvir on No Man’s Land where she accuses Karanvir of raping her. Karanvir slaps her & reveals his feelings towards her that he actually started liking her. Loveleen feels sorry for what she did and tries to apologise him but Karanvir ignores her to the core. One day angrily she shouts Karanvir of ignoring her and tells that she would never talk to him. Now Karanvir after a long efforts apologises her and they becomes best friend. Karanvir expresses his emotions to his elder brother Mahendra Singh Gill (Ram). Now as story moves on Karanvir confesses his love towards her and she confesses back too. Eventually Loveleen’s father (Shivendra Mahal) come to know about their love but agrees to meet his family. In a showroom, Mahendra wants to gift a car to Karanvir and chooses a car which was already been sold. Mahendra verbally argues with manager for the car and tries to slap him but he is hold back by owner. He also verbally fights with the owner and goes out of showroom. Now as Gill brothers head to Sidhu’s house Mahendra learns that owner was none other than Kewal Sidhu. Sidhu insults the Gill brothers which makes Karanvir furious and challenges to marry Lovleen at any cost. Meanwhile Sidhu arranges her marriage to a NRI Harmeet from Canada (Paintal) Heartbroken Karanvir tries to meet her but held by security guards as he wasn’t allowed to enter. During prayer at a Gurudwara he meets Parminder (Gohil) and helps him to infiltrate the Sidhu’s mansion by posing as a Sardaar look. He successfully enters the mansion as cook Parminder. Kewal suspects whether if he met Parminder somewhere. Now Harmeet enters the scene which makes irritation to Karanvir and jealous. During antakshari round Karanvir sings a song which makes realise Loveleen that Parminder is none other than Karanvir. Now he tricks the Sidhu family by framing Harmeet as Homosexual. This creates a humoric situation but Lovleen’s father disagrees this. Now Lovleen heartbroken and sad confesses her feelings towards Karanvir to her aunt. Now her dad listens this and fills with rage and now wants Loveleen to marry the next day. Now Loveleen pleads Karanvir for solution but Karanvir has no option left but to leave Loveleen forever. Next day Loveleen finds Karanvir is missing from mansion and Parminder for the house. Kewal learns from Karanvir’s cellphone (which he left) that Parminder was none other than Karanvir. Loveleen runs to find Karanvir and tells him to run away with her . Karanvir strongly disagrees but Loveleen blackmails her that if he do not agree then she will commit suicide by jumping in a lake. She jumps but Karanvir dives to save her. Meanwhile Sidhu family, enraged, are on hunt for Loveleen and Karanvir. Karanvir brings Loveleen to mansion. Karanvir is beaten up by her uncle and brother. Kewal points a gun to shoot him but Mahendra enters the scene and saves him. Heartbroken Gill brothers left the mansion. Loveleen pleads her dad to leave her. Kewal finally agrees