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Jimmy Shergill, director Navaniat Singh and writer Dheeraj Rattan are an indomitable team. They have given several hits in the past including 2015’s critically-acclaimed ‘Shareek’. This time they come together for a light-hearted love triangle, Jindua. The movie was also keenly awaited because it brought together Neeru Bajwa and Jimmy Shergill after a hiatus. Can Jindua live up to the immense hype created around it? Thankfully, yes!

Karma (Jimmy) migrates to Canada from Punjab and wants to become a citizen and earn dollars. During his journey to become a legal citizen of Canada, he meets Saghi (Sargun Mehta), who is there on a student visa. They fall in love but fate has other plans. In order to become a citizen, Karma agrees to marry Eesh (Neeru). Gradually, Eesh also falls in love with Karma. Will Karma accept Eesh’s feelings in order to establish a career in Canada or does he return back to the girl he loves, forms the rest of the story.

Unlike Shareek, which was a family drama, Jindua is a contemporary film. It does tell the story of Indians residing in Calgary, Canada, but the roots are very Indian. The milieu may be western, but writer Dheeraj Rattan and director Navaniat Singh have packaged the film with Indian sentiments and raw Punjabi lingo. It’s very much a desi film in a videshi setting.

The emotional quotient of the movie is its mainstay. The script focuses on romance and light moments from the beginning to the pre-climax, but the last half-an-hour takes a U-turn as the seriousness sets in. The first half of the enterprise builds up the relationship between Saghi and Karma. But the writer and director have cleverly injected drama in the goings-on in a subtle fashion (Dabbu/Duffy track; Neeru Bajwa and her band track), which make the proceedings even more interesting. It is the second half that has its share of serious moments. The love triangle and the complexities of relationships, treated differently, keep the viewer glued to the screen. The culmination to the story is apt and exactly what the viewer had wished for. The entire climax of the movie, starting from citizenship ceremony until the last scene takes the movie to invincible heights.

There are several scenes in the movie that leave a lasting impact. For instance, when Saghi proposes Karma for marriage; when Karma open his heart out before a dog; when Karma lands up at Saghi’s house and proposes her for marriage, are all well written and executed. There are hiccups, yes. The viewer constantly thinks why isn’t Karma going back to Saghi to clarify everything?


The performance of the lead actors is the spine of the movie. One can’t imagine Jindua without Jimmy Shergill. The actor delivers yet another bravura performance that he can be proud of. The role gives him immense scope to exhibit a gamut of emotions and the actor carries not just his role, but the entire film on his firm shoulders. Sargun Mehta is a revelation. After Angrej and Love Punjab, this film should consolidate her status as an actress of substance. Neeru Bajwa is a star. She looks pretty and acts with conviction. She manages to stand on her own despite towering performances by Jimmy and Sargun. Rajiv Thakur delivers a flawless performance.

The music (Jaidev Kumar, Arjunaa Harjai and PropheC) is melodious and sounds fresh to the ears. Of the songs, Dholna is the best track while Chal Jindua sounds pleasant. The cinematography (Harmeet Singh) captures the beautiful locales of Calgary, making sure that the film is a visual treat.

Navaniat Singh directs a love triangle this time after a high-on-emotion Shareek. He proves that he is excellent at handling varied subjects. His treatment of the emotional part in the climax indicates that he knows his job well. Dheeraj Rattan’s overall scripting and the detailing that has gone into some sequences proves that he is a seasoned writer of calibre. The dialogues (Balraj Syal and Amarjit Singh) are first-rate.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Jindua has all it takes to emerge victorious. The face-value and performances of Jimmy, Sargun and Neeru as well as the drama and emotions running throughout the film are its merits, which make it an interesting watch.

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