Harish Verma and Wamiqa Gabbi have played the main role In Punjabi Movie ‘Nadhoo Khan’

Harish Verma and Wamiqa Gabbi have played the main role In Punjabi Movie

For the last several days, the Punjabi film ‘Nadhoo Khan’, which has been a subject of discussion on social media, has released a trailer in a hotel here today. Punjabi film ‘Nadhoo Khan’, a popular Punjabi film, is scheduled to release on April 26, the film’s lead role in the film trailer releases Harish Verma, actress WamiqaGabbi, actor B.N. Sharma, Adarsh Bansal and Bharti Prashar, director of film Imran Sheikh and author Sukhjinder Singh Babbal, Hobby Dhaliwal, GurchetChitarkar, BaninderBani, Harinder Bhullar, Managing Director of ‘Music Times’ and ‘Olympian Deepak Thakur,on behalf of Loud Rour Films’ was present.
On this occasion, the film’s director Imran Sheikh said that Harpreet Singh Devgan, Achint Goyal and Rakesh Dahiya are the producers of the film under the banner of ‘Music Times’ and ‘Loud Rour Films’. The story, script and dialogues of the film are written by Sukhijindar Singh Babbal. Harish Verma and WamiqaGabbi have played the lead role in the film. Other film stars include BN Sharma, Hobby Dhaliwal, Gurchet Chitarkar, Mahaveer Bhullar, Prakash Gadhu, BaninderBani, SimranDhindsa, RupinderRupi, Gurpreet Kaur Bhangu, Harinder Bhullar, Raj Dhaliwal, Seema Kaushal, Satinder Kaur. The name of Master part, Bob Kherha, ChachaBishna, BalwinderBullat, Balbir Boparai, Raj Joshi, Singh Beli, MintuJatta and Malkit Roni are important.

According to actor Harish Verma who plays the lead role in the film, this is his first period drama film. In this viewers will see them in a different style. This movie will be counted among their best and most memorable movies. Wamiqa Gabby said that this is also her first period drama movie. In it, she is playing the small and fluffy girl of a small village, the audience will love her very much in this role. According to Hobby Dhaliwal, he has a strong role in the film. He will be seen in the role of Nayak’s grandfather in this film. Other artists of the film also said that while saying the film was important for itself, it said that the film was filmed with a large set along with the beautiful places of neighboring Rajasthan. This film is a period drama film. While there is a presentation of old Punjabi culture in the film, the film also has a beautiful love story. Viewers will be able to see a series of ancient Indian wrestlers in this film. Why is the name of the movie ‘Nadhoo Khan’ and who is Nadhoo Khan in the film? Only answers to these questions can be found only when watching the film. The film is being released internationally by ‘White Hill Studios’ on 26th April.